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the story

"The Method of Places" is a story about a young girl and her father.  It is about the love shared between a child and a parent.


It is about the houses we grew up in as children and the houses we raise our children in as parents.

It is a story about holding onto the ones we love. And it is about the promises we make.


the team

In 2018, our team produced the short film "Mother of a Sacred Lamb".  The short film screened all over the country and beyond, from Ontario, Canada to Columbus, Ohio to Telluride, Colorado.  The film also has garnered numerous awards in the process:

Award Lineup.png

Aman Johnson

Producer / Writer / Director

Lee Rothenflue

Producer / Editor

Josh Verduzco

Director of Photography

Brian Ramos

Sound / Composer

Aman Johnson founded Johnson Media Co. in 2013 and has produced numerous award-winning films, including his recent short film "Mother of a Sacred Lamb" which has screened all over the country. He has produced commercial content for Dailymotion, Wells Fargo, Four Seasons, and several others.

Lee Rothenflue has over 16 years experience overseeing the production and post production of many different types of film and video projects, including feature films, documentaries, corporate promos, and commercials. He has worked with clients like Charles Schwab, Google, Red Bull, the Tiger Woods Foundation, among others.

Josh Verduzco is a seasoned Director of Photography based in Austin, Texas with over eight years experience in the industry.  He has worked on numerous films including "Spring Bloom", "Remember Me", and "Overcome".  His commercial clients include: Whole Foods, TODAY Show, Yeti, and several others.

Brian Ramos is an Austin-based composer, producer, production sound recordist, mix engineer and sound designer whose work spans across film, television and the music industry. His global and national clients have included Google, Pandora, Showtime, Universal Records, Sony, Acura, HBO, ESPN, AMC, among others.



We cannot make this film without your support!


Our budget is $20,000 and that will cover our cast and crew, location, props, equipment, feeding everyone, post-production, and an original score!

We're aiming to produce a short film that will be accepted into a prestigious film festival (Sundance Film Festival, SXSW, Los Angeles Film Festival, Telluride Film Festival, Palm Springs Film Festival, Austin Film Festival, to name a few).  That's right, we're aiming high!  But in order to create a film of that level, we need to bring on a talented cast and amazing team members to make it happen, and that's where you come in!

Your contributions (big and small) are all that's left to make this film a reality.  We have already strategized about exactly how we will use your contributions in order to guarantee every dollar you give directly impacts what you see on the big screen.

Check out the perks we are offering on our Indiegogo Page!

We are offering a variety of different perks for your contribution and support of this film, including T-Shirts, Tote Bags, Tickets to a Private Screening at Alamo Drafthouse, a Film Credit, Official Film Slates, Invitation to the Wrap Party, Dedicating the Film to a Loved One, as well as an Associate Producer credit!  If you are interested in supporting this film and have a perk idea, contact us through the Contact Page and tell us what you have in mind.  We'd love to consider adding that perk just for you!


There are other ways to contribute! 

Consider sharing this personally with people you know who may be able to contribute.  Sharing our page directly with your coworkers, friends, and family would be an amazing thing!

contact us


Have questions about the film, the team, the perks, etc.?  Contact us!

Thanks for submitting!

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